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White Suit

The white suit is iconic to the Tournament of Roses and has a rich history.  The tradition dates back to the turn of the (20th) century, when members staging the Rose Parade needed an easy way to identify each other in the crowds.  The white suit was chosen because it stood out, and because it was a way for Pasadena to gently thumb its collective nose at the east coast tradition of never wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

The white suit includes:

  • white single-breasted two-or-three button suit jacket and slacks
  • plain white dress shirt
  • red tie (men or women) or silk rose print scarf (women only, please)***
  • white belt if slacks have beltloops
  • white socks
  • white shoes - white bucks are "traditional" but any all-white leather shoe without logos is acceptable.


Some Do's and Don'ts:


  • wear a suit that fits, and is clean
  • wear the women's scarf ONLY as displayed in the photo below
  • wear only a WHITE sweater or vest under your suit if you need extra warmth
  • white gloves, if you need gloves 
  • wear only clear raingear over your suit ***
  • wear the white logo ball cap if you need to protect your head from cold or sun ***


  • over-accessorize with jaunty scarves, oversize holiday jewelry, festive hats, etc.
  • wear jackets or overcoats over the white suit
  • wear dark gloves

*** available at Tournament House



White Suits:

PM Jacoy, 2650 Mission St., San Marino MAP 

The suit costs $200 plus tax. Prior to visiting PM Jacoy, you must pay the $100 deposit on your suit, please click this link  WHITE SUIT DEPOSIT.  When you pay the deposit you will receive an email receipt, please show that to the people at PM Jacoy and they will fit you for the suit. Hemming is included in the price and they offer a discount on other tailoring services, or you can take it to any tailor of your choice.  You will pay the balance ($100 plus tax and any additional tailoring) when you pick up the suit. Please allow 4-6 weeks for tailoring.

Note: All members have the option to purchase their white suit from any merchant of their choice.  A member is required to follow the white suit apparel guidelines.

White Shoes: (marching band supplier - look for the Vanguard - they also have white gloves, for cold parade mornings)

 White Suit with traditional tie  White suit with silk scarf
 Gentlemen or Ladies  Ladies Only


Our Mission:

As a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization the Tournament of Roses Association brings people together to create premier events and entertainment celebrating the New Year. The Tournament of Roses enriches the lives of the many people and organizations it touches by providing satisfying, meaningful and rewarding experiences.

Contact Us:

Tournament of Roses Association
391 South Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91184

Ph: 626.449.4100